Authentic Being

This blog is a conversation starter…difficult condos…interesting. The daring convos we don’t always find easy as a nation desperately holding on to a false and illusive sense of status quo. We are here to take each other on in an authentic and multi-sided diverse kind of rainbow nation we claim to be but remain far from. We are here for the truth and candidness. We are here to understand the past and present so we can truthfully inform the future. We are not here for likes.

New blog…long in the making. Verrryyyyy long! Being here at all is actually a daring act on its own. I was never sure this is what I wanted, yet I have always known it to be a type of self fulfilling prophecy. I was never getting out of it…it was simply always a matter of pushing it off as long as possible. We are here now, let carry on the purpose of our generation.

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