Ke Imetswe

Ke imetswe – The issues men don’t admit openly.
By Leonard Tshepo Thipe

I know the stigma and drama.
I know the pain and the hardship.
I know the need to support others while loving myself.
I know the need to lead while I am not sure of the vision myself.
I know the criticism and laughter of naysayers,
Just as well as the praise and belief of supporters.
I know how far and how strong and how long.
I know the inner drive that pushes on relentlessly,
Yet I hear constantly the voice of self doubt and low self esteem.
I don’t talk about it…
I admit neither weakness nor doubt.
It’s all about the image of courage.
I must exude strength and confidence.
Yet the downward slide has been playing out all along.
No one looked.
Those that saw said it is a “release”.
“Everyone has their vice.”
But I am tired…I am finished.
Ke imetswe.

Hear the words he doesn’t speak..
See the beyond the facade.
Men are also human; stop and engage them.

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