SOWETO the beloved

First published 29 April 2018 on Facebook

SOWETO. A place called home.A place that roots you right down and ties you to the history of this country.
SOWETO…where our blood flowed like a raging river. Our hearts remained steadfast and purpose was fulfilled; yet quickly pulled down by greed.
SOWETO… our lives were poured out like filthy water down a municipal drain. Our tears flowed down our brown cheeks while the world looked on.
SOWETO… our people hunted down like wild animals. Shot down ruthlessly like flies sprayed with Doom.Jailed without reason and electrocuted so they could confess to crimes imagined by the enemy.
SOWETO… Oh, how I hate you…even as I adore you more than I could ever express.


How I embrace you even as the pain spits in your face.

The pain of a history written in blood, cloaked in a glory starkly gloom.

SOWETO… Mama Winnie Mandela’s beloved home. Mama never left…mama stayed even when the years of plenty came. You chose SOWETO. You chose the unloved and unloveble.Mama chose SOWETO and her pain… She believed to the end. And Tata did leave you;and us. I guess his pain was much more? Is that even possible? Perhaps just lovers’ issues best left to the both of them.

But you chose us, mama.
SOWETO… The pain still flows like an angry unforgiving tirade. It engulfs us and washes us along with it. We try so hard to be strong and face it as you did. But Mama we are afraid… Really afraid.
SOWETO …Mama…the poverty is so relentless. Everyday it beats us down and wears us out mercilessly. We are hungry… Our weaves can’t hang on to our hair… It is so frail.
SOWETO… A place where we vote and reminisce about petrol bombs and necklaces and the songs of umzabalazo.
We vote and then protest for poor service delivery.
Mama, every weekend they come driving R2 million cars while drinking R15000 bottles of French champagne.
They say they want to inspire us when all we want is food and good education… And houses.
Mama… In SOWETO we are not free… Till when kodwa? Our kids lips are dry and eyes teary.
We do not want a sign… We need change today. Who is going to lead us now?Who can we trust when they hide in the suburbs and only come for our votes?
Ohhhh, mama! Ooh mama, dipelo tsa rona di tutetse. Ga re tsebe re ka etsang.
Sincede (help us) oh Lord…
Help us to get Africa back on track
Help us to help ourselves. We are your children.

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