Dear ANC: A People’s plea

1st published 30 April 2021

Dear ANC

We have run out of both patience and interest in you political manipulations of the South African situation.We are not in denial as you are, just totally disillusioned and seeking a change that will refresh our beloved country.You don’t seem to have the answers at this point in time and that’s ok. You have chosen corruption and hooliganism over the country, we see that.
Just stop blackmailing people and go away to restrategize at a bootcamp. You need to think about your own future too, the current situation is a grave getting deeper for the party. Failing to do this sooner than later will lead to dire consequences for a whole nation.We are hungry, tired and worried about our future.We need the vaccine and solutions to unemployment.We need education, jobs, health care, public service and some rest.We need you to put us before your stomachs and pockets.We deserve your respect even if it’s veiled or faked. We have brains, we are smart beyond the liberation rhetoric. We can’t live under liberation credentials 28 years after liberation was attained.We gave you a chance to make mistakes and learn, but it seems you have only learned how to trick us and then use our patience as a currency called “the black vote”…one that is permanent and guaranteed in spite of your blatant and rampant greedy aspirations above a people too long in waiting…for a better day…a job… opportunities… economic freedom…just a basic right to live and earn a living.You can’t deliver that after a whole lifetime.How and why must I believe it will ever come…we don’t live on hope to defuse hunger under a selfish regime.We live on food, water, jobs, education, opportunities etc. We are a people with dreams, brains and ambition.We deserve better from you…the same better you reserve for you own children and comrades exclusively through irregularly awarded tenders, nepotism and outright corruption grandly exhibited by your Louis Vittons, Rolexes and other prized possessions. Obscenely expensive possessions worn, driven and displayed by the children of the well-connected that an average citizen can only dream of. You have left us out in the cold brutally and heartlessly, only coming to us with blankets and food parcels during voting/electioneering campaigns. We dispise you…you are a lover that is retained only because nobody else wants us. We haven’t a choice and you know it.. you abuse our lack of suitable suitors. Yet we will not hang around waiting for your call forever. I reckon you are helping us to try other lovers and unleash our inner political whore?
A break from politicians’ mudslinging and corrupt intents will be most welcome, thank you.We realise you no longer care, we want you to know we care about the country and its future.We hope you remember the struggle and realise how far you have drifted from those lofty heights. We want a better future for our children. In South Africa.

We are your people.We are the tired, hard working, poor people, distressed and desperate people you lie to all the time.We need rest and a decent life. We need you to put us first. If you don’t,  our inner whore will shock you out of the Union building.

South Africa

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