For the Love of Writing

So I was feeling o’ryt for the past few days, My days were painted lovely blues and grays. Filled with the loveliness of life and living, Life was a thing of utter beauty and giving, Until today when I realized…work! I have enjoyed it for many a years, but no more! And so I fell acutely, terminally ill right away. I thought this would be the end, the last day! As the meds do their thing in me, I sit and wonder how it would be, To spend all my days writing at leisure Surrounded by peace and a keyboarding pleasure And so I painfully took to the keyboard, Gingerly stretching my fingures into life, Happy to write a short verse randomly. And quietly, guiltily devour this moment. Writing because I can and it heals my soul Writing because I want to feel whole. And maybe that way I complete the hole in my soul.

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