His Threads that bind

Saks Gid believes they bind human kind in a fabric so intricate and beautiful it can only be God.

Thread…the thinnest strip of material.
Sometimes your life hangs by it.
When you stare death in the face and dare to believe you will beat it.
When the thread is invisible they say “hoping against hope”
The naysayers lay in wait of your demise…their carnal mind says the thread will not hold.
You look at it yourself and know it’s up to Him.
Him alone.
So you hold on and let your faith see thick strong multi-woven rope.
You not only survive,  you thrive.

Yes, they bind us intricately beautiful and powerfully strong.
Threads are to life as the breath is to our body,
They keep us faithful sometimes,
They keep us connected mostly,
But Threads keep us alive more than any other thing they do.

Today, as I hang by a thread and despair about tomorrow,
Even as I missed an opportunity to let the thread connect me to a loved one,
Yes, even as I don’t see the thick dependable rope,
I know I am hanging on His thread and I am secure.
I am thriving forward on a thread,
Because His thread binds me to Himself,
I shall live to testify yet again.
Just as it has always been the case.
I am as strong as the thread He binds me with.

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