The thing about men and women…

So here is the thing….and we all know about it one way or another from living and having experienced life. Relationships are complex. Nothing is straightforward and nothing is permanent; things will shift and adjust and adapt as we go. That is normal, that is OK. What may not be ok is how you feel about or even how you see it. Your view is unfortunately a key ingredient, albeit a flawed measure of the reality that is life and constant change.

Boy meets girl, and both experience chemistry or whatever else that is the case at the time. They become inseparable, thinking life is one beautiful and long road ahead, confident that their love will be the magic trick that all the other stories are devoid of. Certain in the certainty that is their embrace and passion, sure of the thing that keeps them together and disappointed that their predecessors missed that hand of fate. The fairy tale starts and it progresses quite nicely, every detail of the dream romantically coming into being through the journey. The being accepted by the parents and siblings, the magical wedding, house and picket fence with two smiley picture perfect children. The flourishing careers and promotions, daily confirmed by kisses at the end of a stressful day. The fancy German sedans, the beautiful sweet border colliers running and jumping in the background.

Then one day, he shouts and loses it as she insists illogically on a new whim that is supposed make them happier. He thinks they can’t be happier, or it is all an illusion. They don’t need the Jeep, or the kitchen, or the fancy new house in the gated neighborhood. They need to safeguard their livelihood in a terrible economic climate amidst unstable political turbulence. She fails to see anything to worry about; he sees impending disaster and wants to preserve rather than go splendid. They disagree…they do not see eye to eye at all on anything. Anything at all. They are not on the same wavelength…she is in the fleeting faux high class money is all round ecstasy of the new middle class. He is in dry season without a tender to show in the last twelve months, having “borne” through it all along as he hoped the next one will work out…but all crumbled and died before his eyes. He is out of options, he has never been this low in his entire life. His friends and associates have been immigrating…declaring bankruptcy, moving back to the country, committing suicide and selling off assets. He can’t tell her the hard facts, she cannot settle for no-name brands and holidays to the local coast. They are in trouble, big trouble! Sadly, she is oblivious and suspicious…that curvaceous new secretary from the pits of hell must be the reason!

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