I miss the times

Missing, missing, missing!

The times are the most painful.
Not so much the memories.
Not so much the physical interactions.
Not the conversations even.
Just the times that could have been.
Times that are no longer possible but still remain.
Times when love was shared and memories made.
Times that the conversation was possible.
Times of having a “go-to person”.
Times spent in engagement and emotional support.

When you are alone.
Those times when there isn’t a soul who gets you.
Times when you could thoughtless and carelessly arrange a meeting.
Times over food and drinks around a warm fire.
Times when no one is within reach.
Times when you doubt yourself and your decisions.
Times when you believe you caused all the drama and chaos by your selfish and wicked desire to rule the earth.
Times when those you love are nowhere to be found.
You know those cold days when you are out in the dark and cold?
Everyone is busy…unrelatable, distant.
Times of “I wish someone would talk to me”
Frankly, honestly and with that parental “non-ego stroking” tone.
Someone who doesn’t care who I think I am.
Just because they know who THEY are.
And who I am at heart.

I miss times shared with them.
Manelly #mom
Theresia #Mme
MaWinnie #mmemotsadi
Baba # father #Ratswale

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