Numbing the pain: hurting others

So I walk into this pub…all I want is a nice cold drink and music. And loud, carefree types dancing around and minding their own business as I do mine. I settle into my well-deserved screen time away from three kids, a wife, chores and other personal responsibilities after a long Saturday.

Lo and behold, as I find myself a seat and settle down with my drink; this woman starts! At first, I wonder why my direct neighbors whom she is swearing at leave her alone without addressing her disrespectful and abusive conduct towards them. I soon learn and applytheir wisdom. AS she realizes I am watching her and they are ignoringher; she immediately switches her insults to me. Strong, venomous,pulsating and relentless. Totally unprovoked and not even acknowledged on my part. I ignore her and shut her out firmly and decisively. She does not stop. I consider shifting far away, but I also don’t want her to think it is due to the fear of her…so I will do it when it is reasonably on my own terms and in my own time. Lord, she is calling me the devil, she is referring to all my body parts including the internal ones. I remain steadfast in my complete ignorance of her.

She is initially ignored in the same manner by her man and her friends in the face of all this. Her boyfriend apologizes to me with a puppy face and clapping of hands…I take note for a split second and dare not acknowledge because she is besides herself. They stop her as she comes for me…I continue to sit and act oblivious. She calms down and hits the dance floor. She dances and staggers around in a drunken stupor…she pulls her top up. A friend runs to her and pulls her shirt down while dragging her from the dance floor.She sits her down.She completely melts down and cries inconsolably and dramatically; the snirt, the tears, the moans and lying down. Alles. The friend rubs her back and pulls her to the ladies…

Do I look like her ex? Do I remind her of a baby daddy that let her down. Does my mannerisms remind her of an abusive lover? I decide that I don’t care, I am the abused here. Why am I even thinking to justify her ugly, abusive,drunken insults to me in such a public place? I did NOTHING to her ever…I have never met or seen her before. Yet my body parts were called upon and recited like a necessary school rhyme at the morning assembly. I feel a small degree of pity for her; but I am actually disgusted by her conduct and abuse.

Ladies, hear me and hear me well.I do not care who treated you shabbily in the past and left you with baggage. I am not that individual. I take care of my business. Your issues must be addressed with the perpetrator that caused you this pain, and I am sure you are not an angel either. Stop swearing at us and abusing us when you know where your beef is. No man must go to jail because of this sort of conduct and abuse from a woman. He also has a wife and children at home who need him. He is not your lover with whom you have beef even if he looks abd acts like him. He does not deserve your shit. It is man abuse, it is an injustice. It is not on. Stop it!

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