The deep longing

Author: Tshepo Leonard
Piece: The longing deep within

To be a product of life’s circumstances,
To live life on peripheral circumferences,
Reaching out ashore and yet keeping it at bay
Seeking the world and yet fearing to say
Existing and yet still dying to live.

I am a piece of the earth they forgot could be
A crumb of the bread they mistakenly bit
My presence is but an accidental blunder
A thing to be looked at as a God intended wonder
Yet everyday I question the reason for the being
I struggle to comprehend the wonder of the King.

My solitude and desolation I wear like a crown
As daily I cover the space of the silly clown
Smiling through the maze of tears and sorrow
Mine is the life of the sad happy-looking sparrow
Making its way into a new dawn,a better tommorrow.

I appear as but a blesser bearing gifts
Yet I am a poor soul seeking to find peace.
No one sees the emptiness
Not a soul senses my loneliness
They clamour to devour with greed my contents
Oh how I long they could stop to see my contempt.

How I wish they could take a deep long look within my cover
Then they will see I am but a ship out at see
A Titanic panicked while carrying its ill fated lovers
Each day I hear Him say:hold up a tad longer
Each day I wake up to travel yonder
I live in trust, I depend on His mercy for today.
I keep sailing and carrying and straddling seas
I AM my Master’s design.

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