Maxwell: Quality over quantity

Maxwell…all of 5 albums over 3 decades.
Big impact.
I want impact like that. Less noise more quality.
Embrya was deemed a failure by critics in its time…they said it was half cooked, half written and unfocused.

None of them had written or produced an album.
Here lies the truth: critics are really second rate experts who suck at the real thing,
So they make a career of judging your work’ s worth.
The very work they can’t do as well as you are doing currently.
Venus Williams said this after a loss at Wimbledon: all these people criticizing my game today can’t even hold a racquet. They cannot do what I do, I know how to play tennis.

Each of his albums after “Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite” were dismissed, but the sales and awards didn’t lie.
He still has the most enduring career decades later. Credited as one of the innovators of neo-soul.

I want a career and life like that.
Quite but potent.Strong but not exhibitionist.
My own way, my own direction and my pace.

Success is doing you.
Do you.
I do me.😊😊😊

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