Serena: The dream of the slave

Serena: Dream of the slave

The looming retirement of Serena…
She who does not need a last name.
You know who she is.

It has me in all sorts of feels.
All sorts.
I was part of that journey from the beginning.
It was such an exciting time for tennis…for South Africa.
It wasn’t only possible, it was happening!
Black child had a chance and it was out there on grand slam scale display.
As a Williams against the world order defied odds and took dominion.
It was a Venus and Serena show and they were not invited🤣
They crashed in and broke the barriers with a racquet nevertheless.

The retirement is welcome
In that grudging kind of way.
In my eyes, 23 is phenomenal!
Serena Williams did great…she exceeded dreams.
Serena is the dream of the slave as Maya Angelou once put it.
The dream of a generation and beyond.

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