When Corona was the thing

So my Elandsfontein Station pub longing continues…Sunday afternoons would go like this:

While they all ganged up on me by playing Leonard Dembo, Joe Shirimani, Shwi Nomtekhala etc for hours on the Jukebox; I sat there enduring it and planning my revenge.

I would then take R50 and turn it into coins so I could play a ‘proper’ Sunday repertoire. It would start with Rebecca Malope (we pray first, right?) Maybe Lusanda and the Spiritual what what. Some 90’s R&B smoothies…then Aretha, Luther, Patti, Commodores, Whitney, Mariah, etc etc.

Then they would hear Best of Tracy Chapman…I played the whole album each time. First strings of Bang Bang Bang and they knew it was soul time🤣🤣🤣
I always left Give me one reason as my closing track…on repeat.They knew it was a sign my selection was over after 3 hours🤣🤣🤣
Then back to Shwi, Joe and Dembo and them.

I miss ALL of that.Greatly.


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