Love and Marriage

My wife was playing this interesting music mix this morning. After a heated disagreement. A money related one. Now, I am comfortable within my marriage and with her.We are good together, maybe even great. We been slaying for years. We ain’t perfect. As I listened to this choice selection she was playing,I was actually amused…knowing she is totally mad at me. The jokester in me went ahead and approached the situation lightly…I named all the songs she played and mimicked them; much to her irritation. I knew I won the battle, NOT THE WAR. I am right, but maybe I am not a fool. I know right doesn’t matter when you are losing the war. Losing sight of what matters.
She knows I am right too…she will not admit it now. In the next few days, one of us “right ” partners will have to admit the other was more right…maybe none of us was. Someone will concede, compromise, or even sulk.But that topic is coming and I am uncomfortable with it. Maybe one of us gets an unfair advantage?
Anyway, the point is: none of us is going anywhere. We are staying long after this…we have done it many times before. We love staying, we ALWAYS choose us.#marriage #compromise #LOVE

One response to “Love and Marriage”

  1. Won’t marriage is beautiful indeed


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