All that I can say:Do Right!

All that I can say:Do Right!

Hearing people chant Messi in an overcrowded, dingy downtown bar during a World cup final match.
African people…in Africa.
” This is colonial tendencies in display.
France with a team that is half African, Argentina with a rich history of sending their own to Africa for dubious economic reasons.”

I see no course for Africa to celebrate…just another world cup final.

How long?
For them to disregard our heritage and contribution.
For us to be ignorant of our own history?
Despite my dingy bar unnervingly happy pro-France excited frenzy.
Unnerving pro-Argentinian excitement?

I am unconvinced until the love is real, pulsating and attaining a pro African flavour to garner support for the continent.
If all the “Mbappe” chants meant liberation from poverty for just one child; I would also join in.
If all the Mbappe chants meant something for one more African child to unlock their potential.
Not just yet.
Too soon…

Can you also mention Africa’s contribution to these major events you win?
Even as you are the champ
Can you even acknowledge our history…your history of enslaving Africa for your benefit?
The same history that drives you today to the final?
Can I at least know that my child’ s labor is not in vain?
Should they ever play for your country?
Can I let them out to your country knowing you will recognize their contribution to these moments?
Or maybe you care not…
Can we just make this clear?
Because Africans care..

This can’t be right, no matter the justifications.
Do right.

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