Always there for YOU…yourself?

I’ve never been this lonely before in my hour of need.

NEVER this lonely.
I feel isolation for what it actually is.
Having people around but none to quite call on.
It’s a new place for me…
Kganthe ke tswa kae nna?
Ke itse mang?…
Ke itsiwe ke mang?

I have never been this lonely before.

Actually, I have always been here.
A place where I am here for everyone.
But never realized I am alone.
When their need of me stopped, I meant nothing.
It is dreadfully awful…
They will call when they need me.
When I call, …wow.
I am still that lonely boy I always was.
That one with no one.

Me. Just me.
Keep giving wena mos…o tladitse.
They will come when they need to take from you.
Keep giving…even out of nothing.
Just give them boy…
Akere wena o tla manufactura kaosane?

That one with no one.

I am still him…that one with no one.
The one standing alone.
The boy…man.. who has no one.
The insecure lonely desperate one.

The one whose somebody is no more
The one whose mother passed on.
I am the lone boy whose somebody is gone.
The one you are counting on for everything in you hour of need.

The one who will always be there…
Cooking. Cleaning. Preparing. Working.
Always there for you.

Not anymore…
Never again 

Please, don’t be there for me again.
You actually have been there for yourself always.
Yourself alone.
Never me.

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